At Elite Core Club, we use a variety of exercises for all types of goals including free weights (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells), assistance modalities (cables, resistance bands), and fun, unique bodyweight and calisthenic movements.

Depending on specific goals, a variety of these exercise options will be used to help achieve weight loss, muscle gain, or specific sport or event-related

Client sessions range from one-on-one sessions, partner sessions (perfect for you and your best friend, family member, or significant other!), and small group "boot camp" style training sessions. 


Client offerings include:

Complimentary Consultation (sit-down casual chat or physical assessment at a location of your choosing) 

Single Training Appointments and Buddy Training Sessions (priced per session)

Single Training Packages and Buddy Training Packages (priced per package)

Macronutrient Profiling ($30 per hour of programming a nutrition plan that supplements your workout regiment)

Babes & Barbells (women's strength training group)


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