Testimonials and Praise for Stephanie and Elite Core Club...

Stephanie is awesome! She is always on time, and incredibly motivating. I have a hard time keeping to a workout routine but she has been great about encouraging me and making me feel like I can do more. She is aware of past injuries and makes sure exercises we are doing won’t negatively affect them. Lastly overall she is just a pleasure to work with, she’s got a kick ass attitude and makes the hour go by so fast! Love working with her and plan to for as long as I can. -Amani W.

"I don't even know where to begin. I have been taking group classes [JungleGym] with Stephanie for over a year. My weight loss had been very slow and frankly I would get very discouraged and go back to eating super unhealthy. I always love when Stephanie teaches because she gives each person attention. Form is most important to her. If you don't have [proper] form you can get hurt and she is not having any of that.

Stephanie always encouraged me to go heavier [in my lifts]. I was finally in a place where heavy lifting was encouraged!! Stephanie and I went and watched a Strongman competition and I said I wanted to do that. Man, she introduced me to powerlifting and that was it!!! I was in love!! Not to mention, she trained me for my first powerlifting meet where I brought home a gold medal and PR'd (personal record) all of my lifts.

I still struggled with my weight. It wasn't until I hired her to coach me one-on-one that my weight started to really come off and I was still able to stay strong!!! Stephanie has individualized a meal program that was right for my body and man do the results show!! Not only that but I don't struggle nearly as much as I used to with food. Eating has become enjoyable again. She started off as a trainer and now I consider her a great friend.

You really owe it to yourself to work with Stephanie. Seriously one of the best humans I know. You won't be sorry!" -Jen Akridge

"Stephanie is awesome. She is very encouraging, engaging and motivating! Her program is great - creating custom workouts to meet the skill and ability level of the client. She is good at reading the effectiveness of what you are doing and adjusting as you go. I look forward to continuing to work with Stephanie and GET IN SHAPE! :-)" -Sean Porcher

"In 2010, I fell down a set of concrete stairs and ripped the muscles on both sides of my upper back. I'd lost most of the mobility of my upper body and neck, and was in pretty severe pain every day. I'd gone through years of physical therapy, changed mattresses, massaged, and chiropractic work, but nothing seemed to help the pain go away. Additionally, the struggles I'd had with the pain caused my spine to become misaligned and a natural tilt in my head position to form.

I know a few people that had gone to Elite Core Club for personal training, and had met Stephanie before but never felt like personal training was for me. I'm relatively stubborn and hate asking for help; going to a personal trainer felt like I wasn't good enough to do it myself. Finally I'd caved and decided I might as well give it a try. I'd wanted to get in better shape anyways and having someone plan out how I should exercise seemed easier with my busy schedule. 

My first session with Stephanie resulted in a lot of disappointment in myself: I couldn't do a single sit-up without help, my back was killing me, and had an asthma attack halfway through. Was I really in that bad of shape? (Answer: Yes I was.)  I decided right then that I'd get her 10-session package and try it out. I mean, why not? Having someone specifically focus on me makes me infinitely more likely to actually show up. We spent a lot of the first session focusing on my problem issues and in seeing what I could do, so why not try it a few more times?

After the first month, I didn't have to use my inhaler numerous times during a workout. After two I stopped having asthma attacks. After the third I realized that I wasn't in pain anymore; it was more of a shock really. Not only that, but my spine had straightened out instead of having the over-curve that it had. I started seeing her twice a week at this point. Now it's been four months and I see her twice a week for training as well as have tailored meal plans to help me reach my ideal physical goals. Not only have I lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months (a lot for someone my size), but I've put on a significant amount of muscle mass.

This is something I never thought I'd be able to achieve in my lifetime, and something that I definitely couldn't have done without Stephanie and Elite Core Club. I'm not just a 'client' here. I'm a person with goals and sweat and tears and Stephanie has stood by me all the way (especially in the times where I'm crying and yelling and struggling). Without her I would never be where I am today, nor would I be where I am in the future." -Danielle Fogg

"Starting personal training sessions with Stephanie Watts was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. We first started out taking bag classes and kettlebell classes with Stephanie and loved the workouts and her attention to form. To better accommodate our schedule, we decided to try personal training sessions which we love even more.

Stephanie has an amazing gift that allows her to see all of your potential, even when you can’t.  She is also really great about giving you the encouragement you need to push yourself past your perceived limits and reach your goals. Although we have different weak areas and goals, Stephanie is really great at coming up with new workouts that are both well rounded and help us both meet our individual goals. The workouts are also always different as she is continuously increasing the difficulty level as your fitness level increases to challenge you.

We have had amazing results in the short time we have been doing personal training sessions with Stephanie, and are both the strongest we have ever been. We have never been able to come close to these results with popular home workout DVDs that we have been doing for years. Now when we do our home workout DVDs between our sessions with Stephanie, we can not only do more reps, but can do more advanced moves that we were never able to after years of using the videos either due to physical limitations or fear of injury. This is proof that Stephanie’s focus on proper form and her approach to personal training has been essential to our progress towards our fitness and health goals.

Stephanie’s upbeat, fun, and smiley demeanor makes her a pleasure to workout with. We look forward to our sessions every week and refer to them as our gym dates. We highly recommend Stephanie Watts’s personal training services; it’s the best money you will ever spend on yourself." -Becky and Carlos Basulto

"A Personal Trainer with a truly personal focus! Personable, knowledgeable, with infectious enthusiasm. Attentive to customizing an exercise program that meets and exceeds your personal needs." -David H.

"Stephanie is amazing. She really listens to your individual needs and goals. She is knowledgeable and is great at getting results the right way. She believes in whole nutrition and real food. She explains exercise well and knows how to challenge you enough to make progress. I would recommend her to anyone I knew!" -Shannon S.

"I was fortunate to have Stephanie as my trainer. Her youthful energy kept up my motivation. She took special care in matching a training regime to my older needs and kept written records of each of our sessions. I appreciated that she used that "history" to move forward in my training so, within a short time, I could see and feel strength and flexibility return. I went from feeling mediocre physically and mentally to embracing my health. The variety of challenges made each our pass quickly. I could always count on Stephanie to be on time and work with me until the last minute; plus email contact was invariably prompt." -Aloha W.

"I wasn't sure about having a female trainer at first, but I was wrong, Stephanie made me feel comfortable from the beginning. She was careful about setting up a training program to address of my lack of prior effort to build my strength and flexibility. Then she challenged me -- in the right way. I started looking forward to my two weekly sessions. It was no longer my wife that got me to the gym. Stephanie helped me find my own motivation. I don't think she realized how much she helped me feel a bit younger and stronger." -Paul D.

"Stephanie asked a lot of good questions to get to know me before coming up with a suggested program. She watched and evaluated my physical reaction to the exercises, then pushed me along to make the goals in many ways that, in my case, only she could do. I'm very happy to have found her!"  -Ron B.